Lee Import Export

An expert Sourcing company in negotiating products from the Far East.

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About us

Lee Import Export is a Hong Kong company specialized in sales and sourcing of products from the Far East to French-speaking countries. Founded in 2012 we export products to more than 27 countries on four continents. From Central Africa to Canada via France and Thailand. We have been able to position ourselves as a benchmark of confidence for our customers, in the choice of products and import deliveries.


We identify your needs and design a new product with you.

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We are looking for competent, qualified and competitive suppliers in emerging Asian markets.

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Sample and production

Suppliers are managed by our local team and supported by our engineers.

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Quality control

We make sure that your product is exactly what you ordered at every step.

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Since COVID-19 pandemic, we offering Coronavirus barrier products to many people as possible within a very short period of time!

We are recognized by many customers as quality partners even when these products are in complete shortage in the affected countries.

Our consumer products